"As the Father has sent me, even so I send you." And he breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit."

Founded by a parish priest, the Knights of Columbus has always worked hard to encourage young men and women to consider God's call to service in the priesthood or religious life.

Under the motto "Keep the Faith Alive," the Order's vocations initiative has many programs based on prayer and designed to reach the hearts and minds of young people, as well as to provide financial support during their years of seminary training or religious formation.

The Vocation to the Religious Life for Men, The Vocation to the Religious Life for Women, The Vocation to Marriage and the recently completed, The Vocation of the Laity.

Although the focus of the Order's vocations programs is on encouraging men to consider the priesthood or religious life and women to consider religious life, we also support the lay vocations to underline the fact that everyone is called through their Baptism to serve God, the Church and their neighbors.


Each year, on the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Knights throughout the world participate on the annual World Day of Prayer for Vocations. This day is an opportunity for all Knights to raise awareness of the need for men and women to say yes to their vocations, especially if one is called to the priesthood or religious life.

With the help of the Knights of Columbus, thousands will hear their calls as a result of our prayers and vocation materials.

As Knights, we know the difference that one good priest can make. Raise awareness and get involved.